Meet Our Team

Ren Greenwald - GloveUp Founder

Ren Greenwald — GloveUp LLC, Founder

Beyond my life-long pursuit of entrepreneurial adventures and caring for my family, I have always been inspired by nature, philanthropy, creativity, and fashion. GloveUp is a heart-felt mission for me where all of my passions run together. I believe that in the most difficult of times, and all the other times too, we must strive to do our best to help others. GloveUp is my contribution to helping others who, like myself, feel best when “gloved up” in a safe and special way. I feel blessed to have a highly talented team of women from around the world who make GloveUp what it is today. Our team is dedicated to our humanitarian mission and shares my passion for helping others.  Our collective purpose is to help others directly through our small batch, handmade signature collection, as well as through our corporate and protective line of gloves.  We will also always strive to make the world a better place through the philanthropic activities of the GloveUp World Foundation. 


Camilla Chavanne - GloveUp Designer

Camila Chavanne — Designer

I have experience in the fashion industry both as a designer and a model. I studied fashion design from the prestigious school of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism from the University of Buenos Aires. In addition, I am the co-founder of a handmade jewelry line. I am extremely motivated to make a difference as a part of the amazing team at GloveUp.  While our GloveUp team and collaborators make our product line safe for our customers to go about their lives with confidence, my personal hope is to contribute to making our glove line stylish and special.

Zasi Huber - GloveUp Head of Manufacturing & Procurement

Zasi Huber — Head of Manufacturing & Procurement 

My name is Zarina but everyone calls me Zasi. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was raised in a family in the textiles business with industry ties globally which go back for several decades. I am delighted to be a part of the GloveUp team as Head of Manufacturing and Procurement, where my life-long lessons and family contacts are proving useful every day.  I am extremely passionate about helping people around the world, especially in times of adversity. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. 

Lea Grandle - GloveUp Social Media Manager

Lea Grandle — Social Media Manager

I feel honored to have the opportunity to be a part of the GloveUp team. I am passionate about what the GloveUp World Foundation has to contribute for those in need.  It is my sincere hope to spotlight the positive life stories inspired by our Foundation, which will connect and support our planet with the people who call her home.  I studied Media, Design and Photography at the Media Arts and Design Academy in Santa Barbara, California.