Protecting Our Planet 

At GloveUp we are passionate about our beautiful planet, so we take great care to reduce waste wherever possible. Investing in a washable, reusable option of anything over single use is what GloveUp is all about. We just happened to be deeply passionate about gloves.
It is our hope that every time you slip on your GloveUp gloves, it will forever feel like a hug, and a reminder that you have chosen a reusable and washable item. The action of wearing our gloves itself will limit further waste. When you invest in a pair of gloves from GloveUp, your actions are making a positive difference towards reducing waste that is so harmful for our Mother Earth. Continue to be the change that you wish to see in the world.
Learn more below about the technology delivered by our partners, Everest Defense. It is technology that is permanently infused into every pair of gloves offered by GloveUp.

Protecting Our Gloves

The Everest Defense antimicrobial treatment process utilizes a safe, effective invisible microbiostatic coating technology that kills bacteria, molds, algae, fungi or viruses through contact. This unique protection kills microbes mechanically by impaling them on millions of microscopic, molecular spikes. The treatment produces a glove that doesn't transfer germs from one surface to another. Each molecular spike is permanently affixed to the textile product and will not transfer onto other surfaces.  The end result is a glove which is protected against microbes for the life of the gloves.