Our Story

We create stylish, reusable, washable, antimicrobial treated gloves to be worn by men, women and children EveryDay. We take great care in both the proprietary designs of our gloves, and also in finding the highest quality and most comfortable fabrics for the perfect fit, so our gloves and you feel safe and special every time you wear them. Further, we have designed our gloves to be compatible with all touch screen devices, so there is no need to remove them during the day while out and about. All of our glove designs and functionality are patent pending.

GloveUp is both eco-friendly and fair trade, and the antimicrobial treatment applied to all of our gloves follows these important principles as well.  The antimicrobial treatment uses a non-toxic, permanent solution, so the gloves are protected for the long haul, regardless of how many times the gloves are washed. The treatment protocol is formulated and implemented by our exclusive strategic partner Everest Microbial Defense LLC.

At GloveUp we know that wearing protective gloves is not a replacement for proper hygiene, and we recognize that wearing gloves is not a cure for any disease. However, if like ourselves, you feel better when you and your loved ones are “GlovedUp” while at work, at school, or just “out”, we are here for you!
GloveUp perpetuates the time-honored tradition of the Glove and the protection they have provided to humankind for centuries. We feel that protecting our hands and our health can be done in a way that comfortably enhances one’s attire, unlike disposable gloves, which also contribute to environmental hazards on land and in our oceans.

Our hope at GloveUp is that you will treasure each and every pair of your hand-made, custom designed fashionable gloves, and that you will feel safe and special wherever you choose to go.  We also hope that our mission allows you to feel more confident meeting the world even though we live in volatile and uncertain times.

Do what you love to do most while GlovedUp! 

-Ren, Founder & CEO
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