We are proud to offer our “working” glove, the “Austin”. Our no fuss, no muss glove that is breathable and comfortable for all-day wear, is ready to work for you with touch screen compatibility built-in.  The Austin is reusable and washable with the Everest Defense antimicrobial technology permanently adhered to all fibers within our gloves.

Offered in minimum orders of 100 pairs, the Austin is a glove that can be of benefit to anyone looking for a low-cost, long-term antimicrobial treated glove for yourself, your employees, or your broader groups of families or friends. All gloves fit either hand, so it is easy to keep many gloves in a basket by the door for a quick, safe, and comfortable grab and go!

We think the Austin is great for anyone looking to get back to work, exercise, or social settings in a safe and special way.

As always through GloveUp, 15% of net profits from sales go to the GloveUp World Foundation to help our mission, which is to fulfill our passion for helping others in need. Please see our Giving page for more details on the philanthropic activities of the GloveUp World Foundation which your purchase helps to support.

Please visit Everest Microbial Defense to learn about how we treat our gloves.

Due to overwhelming interest in our corporate gloves, all sales are final


$17.00 each

( Minimum order of 100 pairs per unit )